"La Casa Maramureseana" Pension

You can come encounter spring in the midst of trees blooming, summer and autumn with fruit sweetness, enjoy and really feel the Holidays or for many other forms of recreation, because, no matter the season, you can spend time in a pleasant way.

Our aim is to become your oasis of peace, the place of refuge in nature when you feel the need for an infusion of fresh air, optimism and good mood.

“La Casa Maramureseana Pension” is a project created out of passion to promote Romanian values and traditions.

Respecting the specificity of the area, the construction was accomplished through the remodeling and modernizing of a 100 year-old traditional Maramures oak house in an exceptional location. The house perfectly blends modern with rustic at the edge of the pine forest, in an ideal communion with the landscape that forms a painting with nature as its major theme.

The warm atmosphere makes every moment spent at “La Casa Maramureseana” an unforgettable one!

The pension has a capacity for 15 persons in 5 bedrooms (each with a bathroom), a living room, a terrace and a patio. Every room has modern furniture and equipment, a satellite TV and internet access.
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The food, traditional drinks and accommodation conditions, especially the people you will meet at “La Casa Maramușeană”Pension, will help you feel all the comfort, relaxation and tranquility you are looking for.

For leisure you can take advantage of the attractions available nearby or can enjoy tourist activities at the guest house.

Please feel free to book your holiday!